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TJHS has awarded over 60 GRANTS for varied activities and projects that support the work of scholars, filmmakers, authors, and others who expand and enhance the knowledge and understanding of the Jewish presence in Texas. TJHS grants have also been awarded for preservation of synagogues, cemeteries, and cultural heritage. 

Message from the TJHS President

The TJHS Website represents over 44 years of the Texas Jewish Historical Society in “preserving the Jewish experience in Texas” and more. Explore the menus above to discover stories, the history of TJHS and its programs, and find tools that might help you in uncovering your own family history.

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Upcoming in 2024

July 27-28, Summer Board Meeting in Round Rock, TX.  Details to follow.

November 1-3, Annual Southern Jewish Historical Society Conference, Louisville, Kentucky.  Details to follow.

The TJHS Website section, RESEARCH RESOURCES, provides links for genealogical and historical research, including the archived TJHS Collection, all issues of the TJHS Magazine, Texas Jewish Burials Database, and Past Grant Recipient Database, as well as examples of TJHS-funded projects. There are useful online links to 15 Texas-based research, historical, and memorial organizations; 15 national organizations providing historical information; and 35 regional and state Jewish historical societies.

The Rabbi Jimmy Kessler Educational Outreach Fund

TJHS has established the KESSLER FUND in 2023 in memory of its founder, Rabbi Jimmy Kessler.  Its purpose is to share the history of Jews in Texas through projects and activities such as sponsoring renowned speakers to TJHS Annual Gatherings and webinars, providing research grants to university students in Jewish study programs, partnering with other Jewish organizations to produce new educational materials and programs for young people, and sharing with Texans of all religious faiths the richness of Texas Jewish history.