Family Stories "From Our Archives"

The following six articles are excerpted from the TJHS News Magazine and based on donated family documents, photographs, and family histories found in the TJHS Archives.  These and other articles are part of a series published in the TJHS News Magazine. They were researched and written by Vickie Vogel, a past TJHS president.  These are examples of how Jewish histories are archived and shared by the Texas Jewish Historical Society.

The TJHS Archives are housed at the Briscoe Center for American History, a component of the University of Texas at Austin. These archives contain the official records of the Texas Jewish Historical Society, as well source materials; documents; and family, community, and organization histories, dating from 1824 to the present. 

For instructions on conducting your own research at the TJHS Archives, contact:

Briscoe Center for American History
The University of Texas at Austin
2300 Red River St.
Sid Richardson Hall, Unit 2
Austin, Texas 78712-1426