Share your Family Histories and Stories

One benefit of TJHS Membership is the quarterly TJHS Magazine.  Each issue is full of interesting articles about Texas Jewish heritage, events, and programs.  

The following six articles are excerpts from TJHS Magazines.  They demonstrate how family historical records and recollections can be used to tell family stories as published articles.

You are encouraged to share your oral history, articles, information, news clippings, and photographs for consideration as a feature in an upcoming issue of the TJHS Magazine.

Note: It is strongly advised to email any draft texts with all attached supplementary material. To ensure the highest possible quality of your photographs, news clippings or historical documents, please scan them at a resolution of 300 dpi or greater. Be sure to include all names of photograph subjects with their correct spellings, key information, and your contact information.   Mailed-in contributions are acceptable, but the safe return of original documents and photographs cannot be guaranteed.  

TJHS welcomes your suggestions, comments, and ideas regarding the TJHS  Magazine.

Email the Editor of TJHS Magazine:

Mailing Address: Texas Jewish Historical Society, P. O. Box 10193, Austin, TX 78766