Message from the TJHS President

Sheldon Ike Lippman, TJHS President

The TJHS website represents over 40 years of the Texas Jewish Historical Society in “preserving the Jewish experience in Texas” and more. I encourage you to click and scroll to discover stories and find tools that might help you in uncovering your own history.

Let me recommend you check out the following:

Many family and community stories fill the TJHS News Magazines. You will find 40+ years-worth of archived issues in the drop-down menu.

A comprehensive database of Texas Jewish Burials is easily searchable to assist in genealogy research. If you have a Jewish friend or relative buried in Texas, make sure they are in this database. This is one opportunity for you to help memorialize departed family and friends.

The TJHS Speakers Bureau can offer entertaining stories of “Little Known Jews” and other topics brought to your events via Zoom. Find the request information.

TJHS also gives grants to projects and researchers who advance the preservation of Jewish history. There is an application form on the site.

Also on the website is the form for TJHS membership. Become a member. If you are a member, give a gift of a membership to a child or grandchild or friends. And despite the name, you don’t have to be Jewish to join.