Abilene - Temple Mizpah

Robert P. Davis, Architect

Congregation Mizpah

During WWII Abilene suddenly became host to 30,000 new military residents. The small local Jewish community marshalled scarce war-time resources to build a synagogue for its expanded population. The name "Mizpah" (watch tower) was stamped on a popular set of charms made to look like a single medalliion split zig-zag in half--each to be kept by parting sweethearts, husbands and wives, etc. until they were re-united after the war.

"And as for the Mizpah--because he said, May God keep watch between me and you when we are out of each other's sight." (Genesis 31:49)

This simple, handsome structure is constructed of local stone. Flanking the foyer are the kitchen, restrooms, and lounge, and beyond which is the sanctuary seating as many as 250.