Family History

3S49.2 Andres Grocery Store, undated Rossenwasser, Eva with grandson Ballinger, undated Sonnentheil, Joseph Home, Galveston, undated Commer, Issac, 1920, 1940

3S388 Beer, Emma, ca. 1890 Halff, Meyer, undated Karren, Jennie Coplin and friends, 1916 Levenson, Ben Haskell, undated Meyer, Sam, undated Goldenburg children (Floyd and Betty), 1927 Schmidt, Leon, c. 1907 Stein, J. Morris, undated Stein, Mae Rose Weil, undated

3Z290 Albert, Norma Westerman, undated Alexander, Alfred, and two unidentified women, undated Andres, Chaya and Anuta, undated Bormaster, Sara, undated Borschow, Sara, undated Chodorow Family, undated Dow, Bessie Gordon [candlesticks], undated Eberstadt, Eva, ca. 1950s Faber, Rabbi Maurice, undated Freeman, Joe, undated Harelik Wedding Party, undated Jacobson, Rabbi David, October 1989 (2) Kalman Family, Houston, 1917 Karff, Rabbi Samuel, undated Kosberg, J. Livingston, undated Kruger Family, ca. 1906 Landa, Joseph, undated Lasker, Morris, undated Lerner, Babe, undated Levenson, Dora, undated Levy, Elva, undated Lipinsky-Bauer Families Lipper, Emil and Betty, undated Mantinband, Rabbi Charles, undated Mayer, Solomon, undated Merfeld, Rabbi Harry, undated Mincberg, Cathy, undated Nather, Marilane, undated Rabin, Idelle and Leon, undated Ringler, Esther Family, undated Rogers, Regina J., undated Rosenfield, Julius, undated Schooler, Lonnie, October 1988 (2) Shapiro, Harry, undated Smith, Milton, 1989 Tobolowsky, Hermine, undated unidentified men, undated Westerman, Mary Levine and Adolph, undated Wible, Judith, March 1989 Zeyim, Dr. Ralph D., undated Bender, Bertha, 1900-1988, undated [Block Family?], (Calvert Tx), undated Borschow family, 1989, undated Cohen, Henry and Mollie, undated Freed, Eleanor and Frank, 1946-1988, undated Haas-Zene-Kahn, 1900-1938, undated Kessler-Nussenblatt Family, 1977 Ladabaum and Shineiness Families, 1925-1988, undated Maas Family, 1887, undated Malevinsky-Alexander family, 1912, undated Resnick, Judith, 1978-1984 Rosenthal, Abe and Rachel Family, 1937 Schwartz, Ellen Family, 1920, 1928 Weiner, Freida, Family, 1988, undated Weisman, Lena Young, undated Weiss Family, 1900, undated Wiener Fannie and Harry, 1937, undated

3S49.2 Booksignings, Talks, etc.: Winegarten, Ruthe, with unidentified man, booksigning, undated Winegarten, Ruthe, with unidentified woman, at "On the Trail of Jewish History in Texas," undated TJHS book presentation to Kempner Library, Kempner High School, undated (2) Field Trips, undated Miscellaneous: Camp Young Judea, Wimberly Texas, undated Marcus Doll Collection, Harrison County Historical Museum, June 1988

3S50 Jacobs family, undated Reichman, John, undated Voorsanger, Rabbi Jacob, undated

3S388 Ben-Dor, Gisele, undated Book presentation, TJHS to Barker Center, November 1986 Deep In the Heart promotional pictures, 1989 Hattenberg, Hattie, undated Kessler, Jimmy, 1990 New Jewish Agenda Passover at Temple Beth-Israel, Austin, 1989 Schechter, Cathy, August 1990 Texas cows, undated TJHS Board meeting, June 1990 TJHS event, unidentified, undated Waco, 1894, undated Winegarten, Ruthe, 1989-1990 Winegarten, Ruthe, field trips, 1988 Winegarten, Ruthe, talk, Longview, Texas, October 28, 1990

3Y69 DeCordova, Phineas, undated

3Y90 Greer Family Camp site, Bruceville, Texas

3Z290 Communities: Austin: Hadassah 1985, undated New Jewish Agenda, 1989 Pro Choice Rally 1989 Miscellaneous: Buildings, 1906-1988, undated Cemeteries and Stones, Historical Markers, 1988-1989, undated Corsicana, 1927, undated Richmond, Richmond Hotel San Antonio, Temple Beth-El, ca. 1875 Shepherd, Finger's Store, 1912 Waco: Jacob de Cordova Historical Marker Dedication, August 24, 1986 Workmens' Circle Convention, undated Wharton, Shearith Israel 75th Anniversary, September 5, 1988 Events: B'nai B'rith International Convention Dallas, undated "Diamond Bessie Trial," Mrs. W. S. Terry, undated "Jewish Heroes in the Battles for Texas Independence," Dallas, undated TJHS Annual Meetings, 1986-1994, undated

3S388 Slides: Brownsville Sesquicentennnial, 1986

3T404g Panoramic photograph: 45th Annual Convention District Grand Lodge 7, I. O. B. B., Houston, 1918