3A164 Family histories: Abrams, David Adler, Tillye Hahn Alexander, Abraham and Dorothea [Ackermann] Alpern, Nathan Anton, Sam and Lillian Arons, Albert and Lena [Cohn] Arons, Louis (Leapold) and Otelia [Wohl] Arons, Robert and Mathilde [Jacoby] Bassist, Morris and Regina [Bauer] Bauer, Benjamin and Rane Bender, Charles and Bertha [Segalin] Bergel, Albert and Martha Berkowitz, David and Rifka [Rosener] Biberstein, Meyer and Sarah [Melasky] Block, Aaron and Helen [Ditch] Blum, Leon and Henrietta [Levy] Bollack, Adolph and Yetta [Fellman] Borshow, Emmanual and Rebecca [Lazerowitz] Bromberg, Nanuel and Etta

3A187 Brown, Philip P.: "Confession of a Jewish Hunter" "The History of a Gold Watch" "Experiences in the U. S. Army: Letters from Philip P. Brown"

3J152 Caravajal Family: Dona Mariana Nunez de Jos� Segundo Luis de

3A164 Carb, Isadore and Hattie [Kahn] Castano de Sosa, Gasper Cohen, Isaac and Esther [Dreben] Dan, Philip and Pere Luba [Solomovich] Dannenbaum, Joseph and Sarah [Rosenfield] DeCordova, Jacob and Rebecca [Sterling]

3J152 DeCordova, Jacob

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3A191 Desenberg, Herz

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3A164 Doppelmayer, Meyer and Rosalee Dyer, Isadore, and Mercedes [Percival] Eisenstat, Avrom Mayer and Rive Chashe (Eva) Eldridge, Phil and Betty [Cohn] Epstein, Abraham and Bertha [Einstein] Ettelson, Nachman Dov and Deborah [Silverman]

3J152 Esparza-Garza (Phoebe Pearson)

3J163 Feldman, Sam and Clara (Levine Chorney)

3A164 Finger, Sam and Annie [Gordon]

3A187 Fishing Memories

3A164 Franklin, Louis and Marion Freed, Louis A. (L.A.) and Fannie [Goodman] Freed, Solomon Charles and Rosalie [Kalvorisky] Freeman,Harold M. (Harry) Friedman, Dena (Dinka) [Getz] (f) and (1) Getzalovitz, Yale (2) Rubenstein, Aaron Friedman, Harry B. and Mamie [Potishman] Frosch, David and Sarah Mindel [Abramson] Frosch, David and Sarah Mindel [Abramson] Frosch, David and Sarah Mindel [Abromson]

3A165 Frosch, David and Sarah Mindel [Abramson] , copy Frost, Milton and Belle

2C494 Gandler, Ima Joy Chodorow 1891-1987, undated

3A165 Gilbert, L. G. and Yetta [Levy] Glazer, Joe and Ida [Feldman] Glick, Zamuel and Olga Goldie Glosserman, Philip and Mamie

3A188 Goldblatt, Max, an oral interview conducted by Gerald Saxon, July 1981

3A165 Goodman, Rabbi Louis Green, Harry, and Eva [Haritonsky] Greenfield, Moshe Hersch and Yenta Leah

3A188 Grossman Family Genealogy

3A165 Gugenheim, Jac and Rosetta [Dreyfus]

3A187 Gurwitz, Alexander Ziskind: Rocky Mountain Memories, Memories of Two Generations, vols. 1 and 2

3A165 Haas, William and Bertha [Baumblatt]

2C494 Haber, Benjamin, 1919-1987

3J163 Halff family

3A165 Halff, Henri

2C494 Harelik, Haskell, 1987

3A165 Hart, Lewis Heller, Isaac and Leah [Mandelbaum] Herman, Max and Sarah [Daiches] Hirsch, David and Jeanette [Weil] Hirsch, Samuel and [Hanna] Hirshfeld, Henry and Jennie [Melasky]

3A190 Hoffman Family

3A165 Horowitz, Henry Jacob and Celia [Feinberg] Isenberg, Ben and Sophie (see Silverstein, Ben and Fannie)

3A188 Kahn, Rabbi Robert Kahn, address by, undated

3A165 Kallison, Morris and Ruth Kallison, Perry and Frances [Rosenthal] Kariel, Louis

3A191 Katten, Hermann

3A165 Katzenstein, Samuel and Celia [Loewenstein]

3J152 Kaufman, David

3A165 Keller, Theo. and Matilde [Hirsch] Kessler, Harry

3J163 Kirsch, Joe and Ruth (Chernicoff)

3A165 Koenigheim, Marcus and Elizabeth [Levyson] Klein, Louis and Rae Klimist, Charley and Lena [Aschinfosky] Kowalski, Bernard and Sophia [Bernstein] Kuttner, Julius and Eva [Gabert]

3J152 Lafitte, Jean

3A165 Lasker, Morris and Nettie [Davis]

3J152 Lax, Ed (Dallas)

3A187 Lauterstein family

3A165 Levenson, Ben and Dora [Solomon] Levi, Abraham and Mina [Halfin]

3A190 Levi Family

3A188 The Levine Years: A Golden Era. . . , 1929-1951, a tribute ot Jacob Levin by Ginger Chesnick Jacobs, Dallas: Taylor Publishing Company, ca. 1989.

3A165 Levine, James and Annie [Flatto]

3J163 Levine Family (Harlingen)

3A165 Levitansky, Gershon Levy, Abe and Annie [Rosenwasser] Levy, Albert Moses and (1) Maria [Bishop Pine] (2) Claudinia [Gervais]

3A166 Levy, Alphonse and Elizabeth [Gaertner] Levy, Joseph and Caroline Levy, Louis and Mary A. [Levy] Levy, Meyer and Jane [Hart] Levy, Simon and Rose [Guggenheim]

3J152 Levyson, Sydney M.

3A181 Lifshutz, Sholem and Pauline [Westerman]

3A166 Littman, Leopold and Harriet [Felsenheld] London, Max and Bertha [Simon] Maas, Samuel and Isabella [Offenbach] Mack, Henry and Rosalia Mann, Moses and Fannye [Buchsbaum]

2C494 Marcuis, Jacob Family, 1928-1948

3A166 Markman, Fred and Ruth [Fisher]

2C494 Marks, Sam and Fannie Family, 1985-86, undated

3A166 Markusfeld, Philip (Feivel) and Sarah (Sure) [Avubell] Marwilsky, Nathan L. and [Brachfield] Mayer, Edwin S. and Minnie Bertha [Hirsch] Mayer, Ferdinand and Jette [Steiner] Mayer, Ferdinand and Jette [Steiner] copy Mayer, Ferdinand and Jetta [Steiner] copy

3A181 Mayer, Henry

3A185 Mayer, Henry

3A188 Mayer, Henry, Life and Travels of

3A191 Mayer, Rebecca H.

3A166 Mayer, Sol

3J163 Mayer, Sol, 1995 2.325/V46 "Mayer-Schmidt 40th Anniversary Celebration," clippings (copies) of, 1920

3A166 Melawskr (Melasky), Seth Asa and [Goldstein] Meyer, Achille and Malline [Kahn] Meyer, Herman and Estelle [Levy] Michelson, Jacob H. and Eva [Lewin] Moses, John Williamson and (1) Pilara (2) Victoriana [Cuellar]

3J163 Mosier, Benjamin, 1995

3A166 Moss, Jacob and C.

2C494 Naman, Wilford W.: 1986

2.325/OD10 Broadsheet: "Hon. Wilford W. Naman," May 2, 1980 3A166 Nathan, Mendel and (1) Sura Rifkeh [Kropevsky] (2) Rebecca [Rosen]

3A190 Noah, Samuel

3A167 Novit, Wolf Haskell and Annie [Harelik]

3J163 Nussbaum, Hervin

3A167 Oppenheim, Ludwig and Fredericka [Faber] Oppenheimer, Dan and Louisa [Goldstein]

3A190 Oseransky, Jacob

3A167 Osterman, Joseph and Rosanna [Dyer] Pfeiffer, Jonas (John) and Sophie [Goodman] Philipson, Hyman (Herman A.)

3A190 Philipson Family Pryzant, Nat, "My Story" 2.325/OD10 Pomerantz family chart, oversize

2C494 Rapoport, Bernard, 1987

3A190 Rapoport, Bernard, resume, 1993

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3A191 Scharff, Lazarus

2C494 Scheinbrun, Bert, 1987

3A167 Scheppes, Mayer and Ettie Schlinger, Leopold and Regina [Wolf] Schutz, Samuel Schwartz, Adolph and Fanny [Amstatar] Schwartz, Nathan and Annie [Nathan] Schwartz, Sam and Minna [Harris or Hirsch]

3A187 Silk family

3A167 Silverstein, Ben and Fannie [Isenberg]

3A190 Solka, George, oral interview by Helen Wilk

3A167 Stein, Lewis and Ann [Ganza]

3A188 Suhler, Aaron

3A167 Ungerman, Edith Angrist Utay, Wolfe and Annie Weil, Charles and Sarah (Saera) [Hymans] Weiner, Itzik (Isaac Winokoor) and Freida [Mirochnik] Weisman, Joe and Lena [Young] Werbner, Louis and Leah [Grossman] Werlin, Jacob Baer and Sarah [Childs] Westheimer, Mitchell L. (Michael) and Bettie

3A187 Weiss-Silk-Lauterstein family

3A167 Wiess, William Simon and Margaret [Sturrock]

3J163 Wilkenfeld family, by J. L. Pryzant, 1991

3A167 Winkler, Nathan and Anna Katherine Wizonsky, Levy and Elke Wolens, Kalman and Ida Yonack, Wolf and Fannie Rose

2C494 Wood, Harry and Maurene (Levy), 1987

3A167 Zinn, Isaac and Sarah [Lehrer] (Sarah Lehrer 1st to Jacob Turten)

3A191 Zinn, Nissan and Zelda Rauch