3J163 Communities: Clippings

3A169 Abilene: The Early Years of Abilene and the "Big Country" by Pearl Klausner History of Abilene by Henry Goldblatt Abilene Families Newspaper clippings Alice: History of the Jewish Community by Blanche Sheiness Sheiness Family

3A189 Amarillo: Oral history Ted and Katherine Shapiro by Brian Paulk

3A169 Amarillo Jews in Service to the Panhandle by Avril Sukow History Conversation with and information from Earl Herring Newspaper clippings

2C493 Austin: Printed material on organizations and events, 1984-1986

3A169 Community leaders: Hirshfeld Papers (Austin Public Library) Kasman, Frank Polsky, Morris and Ida Smith, Bert Kruger Smith, Milton and Helen History of the Jewish Community Organizations: B'nai B'rith B'nai B'rith Women Hadassah Jewish Community Center of Austin

3A189 Jewish Community Center of Austin

3A169 Jewish Community Council Jewish Federation of Austin Jewish National Fund National Council of Christians and Jews National Council of Jewish Women New Jewish Agenda TOFTY University of Texas at Austin:

3So61 Delta Phi Epsilon, scrapbooks: 1934-1953 Pledge Lists 1937-1950

3A191 1941-1942, photocopies of photographs

3So62 1942-1951 Announcements 1935-1943

3So63 1935-1947 1943-1948 1944

3So64 1949-1950 1949-1952 1950-1951

3So65 1951-1952 1952

3So66 1952-1953 (2) 1953

3So67 1953-1954 1954-1955 1954-1956 Announcements

3So68 1955-1956 (2) 1956 "Pledge Class"

3So69 1957 (2) 1957-1958

3So70 1958-1959 (2)

3So71 1959 (2)

3So70 1959-1960 "Congratulations"

3So71 1960-1961a

3So72 1960-1961b 1961 1962

3So73 1963-1964 (2) 1964 Pledge Class

3So74 1964-1966 Pledge Lists (foldered) 1965-1966 1966-1967 1967-1968

3So75 1967-1968 1968-1969 1969-1970

3So76 1970-1971 1977-1978 1981 "Now Baby is Two"

3So77 1980-1981 1982-1983

3A169 Bay City Baytown Beaumont: A Brief History of the Early Beaumont Jewish Community by W.T. Block Gale, Edwin M. Pearlstein Family Rogers, Ben and Julie Big Spring Bonham Breckenridge: Bender, Charles and Bertha Brenham Brownsville: The Brownsville Jewish Community from Generation to Generation by Harriet Denise Joseph Jewish Life in Brownsville, A Salute to the State of Texas on Its Sesquicentennial, Slide exhibit Interview with Ruben Edelstein Notes from Philip Leonard Leading Citizens: Dittman, Adolph Freudenstein, Ben Grunwald, Jacob and Johanna Perl, Sam Sommer, Oscar Stein, Morris Wise, Louis and Rose

2C493 Bruceville Bryan

3A169 Bryan - College Station

3A189 Bryan - College Station:

3A186 Oral History Transcripts: Gelber, Ethel Gelber, Mary Reiser, Raymond Reiser, Mrs. Raymond

3A169 Calvert: Two Views Biography and Geneology of Robertson County Marx Family Cleburne Coldspring

2C493 College Station

3A189 Colorado City: "Jewish Influence on the History of Colorado City," by Harold Berman

3A169 Colorado City Columbus

3A190 Conroe, Bar Mitzvah of Ian Jason Neeland

3A170 Corpus Christi: Civic Leaders: Grossman, Robert Grossman, Sadie Henry, Julius Hirsch, David Liberman, Rosalind Lichenstein, Abraham Albert Lichtenstein, Julius Moses, J. Williamson Schmidt, Maurice Stryker, John Wilk, Helen Correspondence of Frank Wagner History: Old Families, Early Settlers Temple Beth El, History of the Jewish Community, 1957-5717 S. Julius Lichtenstein House Organizations: Brandeis University Women's Committee Corpus Christi Chapter of Hadassah

2C493 Corsicana:

3A170 History Corsicana, Texas: A Most Unlikely Promised Land by Tommy Stringer Corsicana, Texas: A Most Unlikely Canaan - A Brief History of the Corsicana Jewish Community by Tommy Stringer The Jewish Community of Corsicana, Texas, by Rabbi Ernest Joseph "The Rope Walker" articles Correspondence of Tommy Stringer Rosenberg House Crockett Cuero

2C493 Dallas

3J151 Dallas

3A189 Dallas: Dallas Jewish Historical Society

3A170 Civic Leaders: Askanase, Reuben W. Beer, Geraldine Danzer Blumenthal, Michelle Borschow, Sara Burmaster Brilling, Della Brilling, Sadie Chodorow, Nate Cinnamon, David Frauman, Billie Golman, Joe H. Greenberg, Blanche Kahn Harrison, Adlene N. Hirsch, Elsa L. Jacobs, Ginger Kahn, Ruth Brown Kravitz, Jacob Harold (Jack) Lapat Levi, Marie Levin, Jacob Marcus, Stanley Marks, Marguerite L. Meyer Meyers, Marjorie Weston Meyerson, Morton H. Nasher, Raymond D. and Patsy R. Papert, Ida Kern Pearle, Stanley and Elsie Rabin, Leon and Idelle G. Sack, Mrs. Alfred N. (Mildred) Sanger, Hortense Schackman, Bertie Schneider, Mrs. Harry Sikora, Ann Strauss, Annette Greenfield and Theodore H. Tompkins, Dabney Vogel, Philip and Thelma Waldman, William A. Whalen, Thelma Frances Zesmer, Mrs. Isadore (Jennie) History: Julius Schepps Community Center: Jewish Archives in Progress by Ginger Jacobs, 1972

3A188 The Levin Years: A Golden Era, 1929-1951, Dallas, Texas by Ginger C. Jacobs

3A170 A History of the Jewish Involvement in the Dallas Community by Marilyn Wood Hill Growing Up in Dallas by Dorothy Jacobus Inside the Jewish Establishment by David Ritz Snatches of Life in Goosevalley by Ann Trugman Ackerman Integration of Jew and Non-Jew in Dallas by Marguerite Meyer Marks Some Selected Names in the History of Dallas Jewish Community by Ann Ackerman Pioneer Jewish Families of Dallas by Ruth Herzyein Pines Lapat, Elinor, Dallas "Baby of the Week" Richards, Ann, receives "Tree of Life"Award Young Men's Hebrew Association Interview of Mrs. H. Marcus, Sr. Jewish Population Study of Dallas, 1974, and Conversation with Andrea Weinstein List of Some Jewish People and Institutions Selected by Ruthe Winegarten List of Jewish Dallas City Councilpersons Third Semi-Annual Commencement, Forest Avenue High School, May 29, 1918 Organizations: American Jewish Committee American Jewish Congress Anti-Defamation League Of B'nai B'rith and AntiSemitism B'nai B'rith Camp Bonim City of Hope Columbian Club Council on Aging, Preliminary Design by Ruthe Winegarten Dallas Home for Jewish Aged (Golden Acres) Dallas Jewish Historical Society Hadassah Hebrew School of Dallas Jewish Art Theatre Jewish Community Center Jewish Community Services and Russian Immigration Jewish Federation Jewish National Fund Jewish War Veterens of the USA Mazon Memorial Center for Holocaust Studies National Council of Jewish Women National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine Pioneer Women (NA'AMAT, USA) Women's ORT Zionist Organization of America, Southwest Region Dickinson Dublin, Memoirs of Minnie (Raye Novit Siegel) Eagle Pass: Riskind Family Schwartz, Sam Narrative for Historical Marker at the Aztec Theatre

3A189 El Campo

2C494 El Paso

3A170 El Paso: Civic Leaders: Goldman, James Goodman, A. Goodman, Mrs. I. B. (Fanny Ruth) Kaplan Family King, William Abraham, Sr. ("Snake") Kohlberg, Ernest and Olga Bernstein Ravel, Vincent Rosen, Hymer History: Peddlers and Merchants on the Southwest Frontier, 1850-1880, by Floyd S. Fierman B'nai Zion by Hymer Elias Rosen Insights and Hindsights of Some More El Paso Families by Floyd S. Fierman Inventory of the Levy-Goodman Papers at the Western Jewish History Center

3A187 100 Years of El Paso Jewish History, by Amy Goodman

3A189 Politics: "An Analysis of the Jewish Presence in El Paso Politicis, by Robin M. Sissel

3A170 Organizations: El Paso Jewish Federation Housing Holocaust Museum Jewish Community Center Jewish Education Council Jewish Federation of El Paso Jewish Cultural and Performing Arts Center Junior Council of Jewish Women National Council of Jewish Women Falls County

3A171 Flatonia Forney Fort Bend, minutes of Hadassah meetings, 1959-1976 Fort Stockton, historical marker, Mr. and Mrs. Issac J. Rude Fort Worth: Civic Leaders: Altman, Brigitte Barnett, Louis H. and Madlyn

3A186 Barnett, Louis H. and Madlyn Barnett, Rhoda Beth Brachman, Elias and Ella B.

3A171 Brachman, Elias and Ella B. Brachman, Leon

3A186 Brachman, Leon

3A171 Brachman, Marshall Brachman, Sol and Etta Brachman, Wendy

3A186 Brachman, Wendy Chicotsky, Robert Harold

3A171 Cohen, Frank Gilbert, L. G. Greines, Dr. Abe Greines Family Gross, Leon

3A186 Katzman, Ira and Ruth

3A171 Mehl, Israel N. Rabinowitz, Maurice Rubin, Ben and Gertrude, 65th wedding anniversary Schur, Robert Schwartz, Dr. Edwin G. and Annette [Lederman]

3A186 History: Oral History Transcripts

3A171 Persons: Bourke-White, Margaret

3A186 Brackman, Etta Brown, Julian

3A171 Carb, Meredith, Memoirs

3A186 Cohen, Edwin

3A171 Cohen, I. H.

3A186 Frankel, Nathan Frankel, Pauline Gashman, Eleanor Gilbert, Ben

3A171 Gilbert, Max Gilbert, Rose [Hass]

3A186 Glazer, Marvin

3A171 Hoffman, Sarah Bernstein, Memoirs

3A186 Laves, Sam Mehl, Meyer Miron, Charles

3A171 Autonomy and Authority: The Dilemma of Reform by Mordecai Podet

3A186 Rose, Hale

3A171 Remembering Fort Worth by Rabbi Milton Rosenbaum

3A186 Ruben, Ben Ruben, Gertrude Rubenson, Shirley Antweil Sampson, Elaine

3A171 Samuels, Jacob Samuels, Sidney

3A186 Sandler, Ben Sandler, Ruth Shosid, Lena Tills, Goldie Tills, Joe Tobey, Zelda Weinstein, Sol

3A171 Weisblatt Family Pictures German Refugees Early Jewish Tidbits as told by Adolph Cohen to Edwin Cohen Tradition: Jewish Experience Western Style by the Sesquicentennial Committee of the Jewish Community Center Mack, Ellen City directory, 1877 Ku Klux Klan Photographs, photocopy Organizations: AZA

3A186 AZA

3A171 B'nai B'rith, Isadore Garsek Lodge B'nai B'rith, L. F. Shanblum Lodge B'nai B'rith Women Brandeis University National Women's Committee Hadassah

3A186 Hadassah

3A171 Jewish Community Center

3A186 Jewish Community Center Jewish Federation of Fort Worth Ladies Auxiliary to the Hebrew Institute and Ahavath Sholom Congregation

3A171 National Council of Jewish Women

3A186 Zionist Organization of America Sesquicentennial Project: Local oral history tour: Fort Worth oral history transcripts: Ben Gilbert, Meyer Mehl, Shirley Antweil Rubenson, Ruth Sandler, Sol Weinstein, Julian Brown, Gertrude and Ben Ruben, Lena Shosid, Hale Rose, Ben Sandler, Marvin Glazer, Goldie and Joe Tills, Zelda Tobey, Etta Brackman Driving tour starting at Rosen Heights, 1986 Interview at Dan Danciger Jewish Community Center

3A171 Gainesville Galveston: Civic Leaders: Kempner, Harris and Eliza [Seinsheimer] Kempner, Harris and Rugh Alma [Levy] Nussbaum, Joseph Levy, Joseph Proler, Ben History: B'nai B'rith

3So75 Henry Cohen B'nai B'rith Girls, scrapbook, 1965-1970

3A171 Gedalia by Morris Kaplan, M.D. Letters from Abram Geller Galveston Orphans' Home Galveston Immigration Movement

Artifact Collection "Galveston Immigration Reunion" scroll, undated

3A171 Govorchick Letters Kempner House Samuels, Emmanuel, Home Seelingson House Seinsheimer House Sonnentheil House Tremont House Blum Building Certificates: Proclamation of March 8, 1992, as "Galveston Immigrant Day" Pictures

3A189 Immigration plan, 1907 Young Men's Hebrew Association, 1904 and undated

3A171 Goliad Gonzales Groesbeck Halletsville

3J163 Hamilton

3A189 "Being Jewish in a Small Town in America," by Milton J. Harelik

3A171 Hamilton County

3A189 Harlingen

3A190 Harlingen, Temple Beth Israel

3A171 Hempstead Houston: Civic Leaders: Alexander, Joan Barnstone, Gertrude L. Battelstein, Ben David and Virgina Bernstein, Adelyn Blum, Florence Brook, Davna Blum Dannenbaum, M. N. Daum, David M. Ditch, Moishe Dreyling, Gus Falik, Barbara Farb, Carolyn Farfel, Aaron Joseph Freed, Mrs. Louis A. Freed, Eleanor Kempner Finger, Linda Finger, Sam and Annie Geller, Abram L. Goldberg, Billy B. and Rosalie Ghrist, Elizabeth Lyons Hertzberg, Anna Hirsch, Jules and Barbara Hirsch, Maurice Kosberg, J. Livingston Lack, Abram I. Lack, David Lack, Sam Mendell, David and Miriam Mincberg, Cathy Nussbaum family Phillips, Muriel Selber Proler, Ben Schlanger, Rella Shlenker, Irvin M. Stein, Gary Taub, Ben Weiner, Sandra Goldfine Weingarten, Joe Werlin, Rosella Horowitz Wilkenfeld, Dolores History: Bicentennial Report Goodman Material "History of the Jews of Houston" by Dr. Henry Barnston "Houston" by Roselyn Bell "I Remember When", Essays from NCJW Contest "Jews in Houston" by Elaine Maas, Rice University

3A189 "The Early Jews of Houston", by Helena Schlam "Texas Jews for Texas Jews", by Bryan Edward Stone "A Hundred Years of Jewish Communal Life in Houston," by D. H. White

3A190 Various documents

3A172 Sources of Jewish Geneological Research in Houston by Susan C. Sherman The Jews in Houston and Galveston, Texas, During the Civil War by Gary Alan Ratkin This Is Our Community, 50 Years of History Gleaned from the Pages of the Jewish Herald Voice You Can't Live All Your Life by Fannie Lack List of names and institutions Organizations: American Jewish Committee 2.325/OD10 Deed to Adath Yeshrun, Houston, 1902

2C493 Beth Israel, Congregation, Bulletin, May 23, 1986

3A189 Bureau of Jewish Education Community Film catalog Jewish Community Center Oral History Project, 1976

3A172 B'nai B'rith B'nai B'rith Anti-defamation League B'nai B'rith Women College of Jewish Studies Hadassah Hebrew Institute Jewish Chautauqua Society Jewish Community Center of Houston Jewish Family Service Jewish Federation of Greater Houston Jewish Historical Society of Houston Jewish Institute for Medical Research

3A191 Jewish Literary Society: History of the Jewish Literary Society of Houston, Texas, June 27, 1906, to June 30, 1916 [photocopy] Constitution and bylaws, 1907 Correspondence, undated Bulletin, 1915-1917 Programs, 1912-1913, and undated Newspaper clippings, 1916 3So3 Photographs: Sylvan Beach picnic, 1913 Mock trial, May 10, 1915

3A172 Jewish National Fund Lion of Judah National Council of Jewish Women Seven Acres Geriatric Center Sons and Daughters of Zion State of Israel Bonds Prime Minister's Club Wolff Home for Widows and Orphans YW-YMHA United Jewish Campaign Young Judea Camp

3A185 -3A186 Houston Zionist Organization Scrapbook, 1954-1965

3A172 Hubbard

2C493 Jefferson

3A191 Jefferson: Mount Sinai Hebrew Cemetery Correspondence, 1978-1983

3Y90 Photographs, December 1981

3J151 Jefferson:

3A172 History: Jefferson in Retrospection...with Interesting Facts by Asa E. Ramsey The Jewish Community in Frontier Jefferson by Carol Tefleller Diaspora to Texas or The Jewish Community in Frontier Jefferson by Carol Tefleller, St. Mary's Catholic School Diamond Bessie, Historical Tragedy, by Deolice Parmelee The Diamond Bessie Murder Trial, Clippings, etc., regarding Diamond Bessie Kilgore La Grange Laredo Lockhart Longview Lubbock Luling

2C493 Marion Co. Marshall:

3J163 Hebrew Cemetery Hochwald House Weisman-Hirsch-Beil

3A172 Hochwald House Pen Picture of the City of Marshall The Jewish Story and Memories of Marshall, Texas, by Audrey Daniels Kariel Juliet George Articles Shema Israel: The Reform Jewish Movement in Marshall by Susanne Parker Audrey Kariel correspondence Mineola Mc Allen

3A190 McAllen

3A172 Montgomery County

3J163 Nacogdoches

3A172 Nacogdoches

3A189 Navarro County: Naturalization papers: Samuel Marks, 1880 Louis Blum, 1889

2C493 Navasota: Miscellaneous

3A173 A History of Navasota Citizens of the Jewish Faith by Myer Levy New Braunfels: Miscellaneous

3A189 Landa family

3A173 Palestine Pampa Panhandle, Borger

2C493 Paris

3A189 Paris

2C494 Plano

3A173 Robstown

3A189 Runnels County

3A173 San Angelo

3A189 San Angelo

2C493 San Antonio

2C494 San Antonio

3A189 San Antonio

3A173 San Antonio: Civic Leaders: Barshop, Sam and Ann Gurewitz, Arthur and Ruth Jean Gutin, Howard Hertzberg, Anna Jacobson, David (Rabbi) [see Gutin, Howard] Joske, Albert Kallison, Perry Katz, Sidney Noah, Samuel Sinkin, William [see Gutin, Howard] Stern, Morris Straus, Jocelyn Levi Washer, Nat Zork, Louis History: Dubinsky, Mrs. Louis, Interview Freeman Coliseum Gugenheim and Dreyfus Family by Helen Jacobson Harry Hertzberg Circus Collection Jews at the Alamo Rose, Louis Moses, Material Sketch of The Jewish Record The Jews of Texas, A Sesquicentennial Retrospective by Julie Hilton Danan List of Names of San Antonio Jews Organizations: Children of the Holocaust: Second Generation of San Antonio Community Relations Council Golden Manor Jewish Home for the Aged Hadassah Hebrew Free Loan Association

3A188 Hebrew Free Loan Association, Sholem Lifshutz

3A173 Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Jewish Community Center Jewish Federation of San Antonio Jewish Literary Society of San Antonio Jonathan Netanyahu Academy San Antonio Council of Jewish Women San Antonio Friends of the National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine San Antonio Women's American ORT Texas Jewish Historical Society San Saba

3A189 Schulenburg

3A173 Schulenburg: Scjwartz, Julius Seguin Shamrock Shepherd Sherman Sweetwater Taylor Temple Texarkana Texas City Tyler: History of Tyler Jewry by Rabbi A. Moskovits Roosth, Isadore

3A190 Tyler

3A173 Velasco

2C493 Victoria

3A173 Victoria: Abraham Levi Home Address of Godcheaux L. Levi to the Victoria Historical Society Early Jewish Settlers by Sidney R. Weisiger Early Jewish Merchants by Sidney R. Weisiger More on Jewish Settlers Lack, Janey

2C493 Waco, miscellaneous, 1904, 1975, 1985-1987

2C494 Waco, miscellaneous, 1913-1988

3A173 Waco: Growing Up Jewish in Waco by Minnie Pulman The History of Waco The History of the Waco Jewish Community, 1848-1986 (Script) Nunc et Tunc, Vol. 29, #2, 1952 Jacob de Cordova McLennan County Medical Society booklet Pioneer Jews of Waco, Texas, Parts I and II by Mordecai Podet Waco Heritage and History, vol. 13 #4, vol. 16 #2 Waco, Texas, and Its Jewish Community from The Owl, 1902 Chodorow, Miriam, Letter Hirsch Plat Waco Class of '39 Anniversary Book Russian Immigrants Civic Leaders: Braunston, Sadie Chernoff, S. J. Chodorow, Anne Chodorow, Nate Englander, Lester (see also Box 3A173) Gandler, Ima Joy Chodorow Gandler, Jacob Emanuel Goldstein, A. M. Goldstein, Isaac A. Goldstein, Stephen A. Hoppenstein, Aaron Archie Levy, Otto Lowich, Asher Maas family Miller, Arnold Naman, Jay Novy, Henry Pollack, Abraham A. Rapoport, Bernard Reingold, Morris Sachs, Charlotte Rose Sanger Brothers Scheinbrum, Berthold Shapiro, Harry Silver, Jack M. Sternberg, Daniel Wood, Harry, Jr. and Maureen Zlotowicz, Simon Organizations: American Jewish Committee B'nai Brith Chevra Kadisha Council of Jewish Women Hadassah Hebrew Rest Association Jewish Federation of Waco, Texas

2C494 Jewish Federation of Waco, Texas

3A173 Jewish Welfare Council Machaneh Mishpache Family Group Texas Region of Young Judea Waco Conference of Christians and Jews Workmen's Circle Organizational Records: Jewish Federation of Waco and Central Texas Sesquicentennial Committee minutes and correspondence: 1985-1986

3A174 1986 Wharton Wichita Falls

3A189 Wichita Falls

3A174 Wills Point

3A189 Various communities, interview with Felice Marks Schwartz

2C493 Newark, NJ